9 Cheap Ways To Keep Your Business Pest-Free This Winter

Pest Control

What are the things that come to your mind when you think of winter? Your answer would be biting cold, heating systems, warm clothes, warm homes, warm workplaces, fireplaces, comfort food, hot chocolate or coffee, and so on. If you were to ask an animal or a pest the same question, what do you suppose their answer would be? It is pretty obvious! If they could speak, they would probably want the same warm things to survive the winter and since nothing is provided to them for free, they need to earn it the hard way by invading our homes and offices in search of warmer grounds and food.

However, as humans, we do not encourage pest infestation at our homes or offices, be it any season of the year. Hence, here are some ways that you can implement to keep your office or business space free of pests this winter. For more help, check out professional bird control Edinburgh for effective solutions.

  1. Store all important things including documents, stationery, and even edible products in sealed containers instead of storing them in the open or cardboard boxes where pests can nibble their way to these.
  2. Make sure that the house-keeping staff takes out the trash before closing down the business. Trash is an important source of food that attracts pests. Hence, keeping your business area free of all edible wastes is one of the most effective and no-investment needed methods to keep away pests.
  3. Seal all cracks, holes and unnecessary vents to prevent easy entry. Further, you could put screens, nets, or other guards over vents and air holes. This will prevent the entry of pests but at the same time ensure ventilation to the room.
  4. Make the foundation strong. Use good quality mortar, weather-resistant paints, strong flooring on the basements, strong walls, and properly latched windows.
  5. Conduct regular checks on the insulation, wires, underground, and walls for any tear or gnaw marks.
  6. Make sure that the areas where pipes enter the business area from the outside are properly sealed. There should not be any holes or cracks to encourage pest entry.
  7. Ensure that sewage water from the business’ waste disposal area is properly diverted to wastewater channels through closed outlets and gutters. Never leave any source of water open. If you must, then take proper precautionary measures such as changing the water regularly.
  8. If your business maintains greenery or other landscape, keep a check on it by adopting good gardening practices.
  9. In case you think that your business site has been infested with pests, call for immediate pest control to eliminate the problem at the start. Therefore, look out for signs such as sounds, feces, bite marks, etc.
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