Essential Steps Starting a Successful Pet Sitting and Dog Walking Business

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Pet sitting and dog walking business is like babysitting, when clients are away, you have to attend their pet by feeding them or fulfilling dietary and medical requirements. The pet sitting and dog walking business is a low-cost one which you can start quickly from your home. It is a straightforward business and also profitable. If you love animals, you can start anytime by following a few simple steps.

Register your business

If you want to start this business, you have to first apply for a license in your town to operate legally. Pet sitting and dog walking businesses are either formed as sole proprietorship or limited liabilities companies.

Take Insurance

It is vital to have insurance available for this kind of business as the coverage protects you in case of the potential legal action for the damages or injuries caused by the animals to other animals or people while they are under your supervision. Few hundred dollars can slash big legal headache.

Find the niche

You have to promote your business well by distinguishing yourself from the crowd. Design flyer and business card and introduce your business at vet clinics, dog- groomers and pet stores. You can develop your website and optimize your site for better results. Carry out the market research to see the probability of your business.

Keep detailed records

Keep a detailed record of all your client’s address and contact numbers and detailed information about the pet like breed, color, date of birth, health status, vet’s name and clinic, etc.

Determine rates for services

In this case, services offered are in a block of time like 15 minutes or 30 minutes or in small packages. You may provide services like pet sitting, obedience training, pooper scooper, grooming such as hair cutting, washing and many more. You have to fix rates for each keeping in view the competition in your locality.

Signed contract

It’s better to sign a contract before you start between dog owner (your client) and service provider (you) detailing terms and conditions regarding service offered, price, damages, cancellation, etc.

Now, you can start walking with some safety measures and medical aid like best orthopedic dog beds. Advertise while you work using customized items.


How to start a dog walking business: 4 simple steps

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