The Cost And How To Start A Business In Laser Hair Removal

Health and Beauty

Nowadays, laser hair removal is pretty popular among ladies and even many men too. The pure affinity towards enhancing one’s beauty makes a person go ga-ga over applying for a laser hair removal treatment. Therefore, the market is not only present but also hugely popular too, in spite of being a very costly process. But there are various formalities that need to followed when entering this business and those ones will explained down below.

Process To Start A Laser Hair Removal Business

For starters, one should be purely confident about the space the business should be acquiring. It can be a small 400 sq.ft. showroom or can be a massive 1400 sq.ft. showroom.  This will play a major factor in paying of rent or the total upfront buying cost. The cost may also increase depending upon the locality or city.

Then comes the business model – whether to settle for only hair removal or also go for beauty treatments. This will also impact the budget, as one have to acquire various equipments after looking at their reviews, for example – buying the TRIA Hair Removal Laser 4X after looking up various TRIA reviews, will cost much less than its competitors. Therefore, there should be a budget specifically aimed towards buying a good laser machine, that will yield great results.

After that, it includes various other costs, like spending to purchase a Salon Maintenance Software, registering the clinic with the delegated authorities, paying for insurances, desks for reception, etc.

Finally, it all comes down to marketing to make a business successful, where one should also have a separate budget. Building a website or or using social media to interact with clients will be a perfect way to increase the audience.

The Cost

Thus, opening a laser hair removal clinic can cost you anywhere between £75,000 to £100,000. So, if someone already has £50,000 ready to use, then the rest could be raised or obtained to open up the business.

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