Palm method: how to control weight, not counting calories

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Many of us are careless or spontaneous and do not want to count calories at all to control our weight. For such creative natures, the method developed by Precision Nutrition in Canada is suitable: in eight years of its existence, it has helped lose weight to more than 30 thousand people.

how to control weight, not counting calories

Everything is very simple and clear. “Forget about counting calories!” – say its creators on its website.

Measuring portions will have in the hands and fists. There are four groups of products – proteins (meat and fish), vegetables, carbohydrates (pasta, potatoes) and fats. Their volume in each portion is measured with a quick look at the open palm, handful, fist and even thumb.

It’s easier and faster to control the amount of food eaten, because everyone’s palms are different, which means that owners of large hands can afford larger portions.

A circuit with such a palm is somewhat reminiscent of a red warning sign “Stop gluttony”. On the other hand, if one day you make such a picture out of your hands and attach it somewhere in the kitchen, you will have a clear diagram of how much to put oatmeal to, and the children will have direct evidence why they do not need to eat the whole plate to the end.

The main source of protein is meat, fish, eggs, dairy products, beans and other legumes.

Serving Size Protein Products: Your palm, from the base of the fingers to the wrist.

Please note: a piece of meat or fish should be not only not larger than it, but also not thicker!

This is much less than the steaks and chops served in the restaurant. An egg, if presented as a fried egg, also corresponds to one palm in this pattern, and this product should be consumed no more than one per day.

A portion of protein products for a woman is a palm, for a man – two palms at each meal.

Even the healthiest foods also have quantity limits.

More protein is best avoided. Nutritionists do not recommend this for a good reason: not to overload the kidneys.

The next way to measure is fist. It is this amount of cottage cheese that can be eaten during the day. This rule applies to both men and women. And although cottage cheese is a very useful product, its quantity also needs to be strictly controlled for the same reason – so that this does not adversely affect the work of the kidneys.

Intuitive nutrition: where to start

This is the undoubted benefit of the method – not all of us remember that even the most healthy and wholesome food also has limitations in quantity, after which it will turn into less wholesome.

But in fact, each product has these limitations. Even in spring water, if you drink it in the amount of not three, but, say, six liters per day.

A portion of vegetables is also measured in cams: its volume for women is one, for a man – two fists for each meal.

On the day, women can afford vegetables “for four fists,” and men – for six. An exception can be made for airy leaf salads.

CARBOHYDRATES Here we will focus on cereal products (cereals, granola), as well as fruits and berries. The equivalent of a serving for them is a handful, that is, a palm folded by a boat. A serving of cereals for a woman is one handful, for a man - two handfuls per day. Carbohydrates are not quickly absorbed by the body, do not use them in large quantities. With sweets, nutritionists suggest doing this: if you wanted to eat a cake or ice cream, which in volume is approximately one handful, this will be considered one portion of carbohydrates. She will replace accordingly a portion of porridge, granola and so on. The amount of bread eaten is easier to measure with the palm of your hand. According to this system, men can eat one slice the size of a palm, and women can eat half a palm per day (while whole grain bread is not prohibited). What about dried fruits, which are recommended for snacks throughout the day? A portion of dried fruit per day is the upper part of your palm where the hills are located at the base of the fingers. It would seem that such healthy food as dried apples and dried apricots is not able to do any harm at all. She will not do harm, but if she is overly carried away by her, she can put you on weight. FATS The source of fat is vegetable and butter, as well as any nuts and seeds. Serving equivalent: thumb. For example, the upper phalanx of the thumb is the amount of butter, nuts or dark chocolate that can be consumed by both a man and a woman in a day. According to this system, only one piece of chocolate can be eaten per day. It seems incredible and even disrespectful to chocolate. But on the other hand, it is possible if all the previous attempts to lose weight did not work, this was precisely the point. In addition, the authors of this weight control method suggest asking themselves the following questions:

If you feel that you obviously need more (less) food because you …

  • very large (or miniature) build;
  • Do not eat up (or, conversely, are not able to eat the whole portion);
  • build muscle (lose weight) and until you get a result;
  • lead a very active lifestyle (passive and do sedentary work),
  • make the following changes to your diet: add (reduce) one portion of fat the size of a thumb or one portion of carbohydrates in several
  • meals (for men) and half of such a portion of fats and carbohydrates (for women).

Men who eat this method 3-4 times a day will receive about 2300-3000 calories. Women – 1200-1500 calories.

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