“Ghosts” clip: Orelsan haunted by his demons and anxieties

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Two years after the release of his album “The party is over”, Orelsan unveils the clip of “Ghosts”. Alone in an apartment, the rapper indulges in the confession of his anxieties in a video to see on Pure Charts!

Orelsan haunted by his demons

850,000 albums sold, 4 Victoires de la Musique, 1 billion streams, 4 Bercy, 28 Zenith, 50 festivals … These stunning numbers are those accumulated by Orelsan thanks to the album ” The party is over ” and its reissue under the title ” Epilogue ” . For the past two years, the rapper has made his impressive success by multiplying the hits ( “Basic” , “The Rain” with Stromae , “Family Defeat” , “Weird Dreams” with Damso) and signing one of the most popular rap albums. popular in recent years. “At first, you never know if the songs are good. I had not released a solo album for six years (…) it’s crazy! “Delighted the interpreter of ” Tell me ” on the set of” Daily “. A second anniversary that Orelsan celebrated this weekend on Instagram, thanking his audience ” for everything “.

“Guys are getting older worse than before”

On this occasion, Orelsan took advantage of the event to share the clip of “Ghosts”, which he says he shot a year ago. First song that opens his “epilogue”, the song allows the rapper to confide on the loneliness he feels everyday, the people who change around him and the old age that gnaws: ” Recently, the more I question / The more I get closer to the exodus / The guys get older to come worse than before / To be a man, it is to keep a part of child / You darken as soon as you do not know that the life t ‘ learns (…) Of course I do not mind when I say that I do not care / It would be a pity you’re the only one who suffers / Han, do not worry, my problems are good / Do not worry,”. In an apartment bathed in red, the rapper, alone, is revealed as if he was in psychoanalysis. After this clip of “Ghosts”, supposedly logically close the era, the artist should give a well-deserved break. In recent times, the singer has appeared on titles Lomepal ( “The truth” ), Oxmo Puccino ( “My life” ), Kery James ( ” Whose fault?” ) Or Lorenzo ( “Always more” ).

Watch the Orelsan “Ghosts” clip:

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