16 common mistakes that can ruin any wedding

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Wedding organizer Olga Meldzikhova talks about what to avoid when planning a celebration.

what to avoid when planning a celebration

The most common mistake is to refuse a dream wedding for fear that relatives will not like the chosen topic. “This is your day. Want a barefoot wedding on the grass? Do it! And it can be organized so that parents who insisted on the classic format will be delighted. And most importantly, this day will be remembered as something special, ”Olga Meldzikhova advises.

And so that no oversights do not spoil the impression, you need to approach planning correctly: designate a comfortable budget, make a guest list, prioritize and not make mistakes from our list. These are the errors.

1. Call everyone you know

You should not invite guests, just so as not to offend. On this day, there should be those with whom you really want to share this joy. A second cousin may well be happy for you at a distance.

But do not forget to think about the layout, even if you invite only 20 people. So that guests can enjoy the evening, people with similar interests, of the same age category, or at least a little familiar with each other should be nearby. If many of the guests plan to come with small children, it is reasonable to invite an animator for them.

2. Do not take into account the time of year and the weather

An open air wedding in April or October is not a good idea. Even if last year on October 25 there was wonderful weather. In addition, an open-air wedding table and grass dancing look great only in the picture. On a hot day, guests will languish from the heat, and in the evening they can be bitten by mosquitoes. But what if it rains and suddenly gets colder?

In this case, you need to have a backup option – a tent or restaurant nearby. Throwing blankets and heat guns will not be superfluous. After all, the weather in our latitudes does not differ constancy.

3. Use guests as contractors

“My brother takes good pictures. Why don’t he take off our wedding? ”“ Mom’s girlfriend bakes a delicious Napoleon. ” Let them make a three-tiered wedding cake. Moreover, she herself suggested. ” Such ideas seem good only at the beginning. It is impossible to build a “customer-client” relationship with friends and relatives: they are not comfortable with strict requirements or asking them to redo low-quality work.

Let guests enjoy the holiday, and professionals do their job for the appropriate reward.

common mistakes that can ruin any wedding

4. Follow all superstitions and signs

Marry in May – toil for the rest of your life, wedding rings should be without stones, a wedding dress should not be worn over your legs, you should marry in old shoes, Thursdays and Sundays are bad days. A variety of signs, many of which are borrowed from Western culture, significantly complicate the life of the bride and groom.

Stop focusing on different superstitions. Better think about the fact that a wedding on Thursday or Sunday will significantly save the budget, you can choose a good venue and get a discount. The same goes for weddings in May.

5. Arrange a ransom

Most modern couples suit him only to please their parents. Explain to your loved ones that the competitions in the typical entrance of a high-rise building do not fit into your idea of ​​good taste. Or figure out how to get them original, witty, and quick. Hint: for example, not in the entrance!

6. Trying to be in time in 24 hours

Registration in the registry office, exit painting, walk, photo shoot, buffet, restaurant – in order to have time to observe all the “wedding decencies”, the bride and groom wake up at six in the morning. And already by lunchtime they were lying down from exhaustion. But you can plan everything so that a special day is measured and comfortable. “I always advise couples to take a trip to the registry office and the celebration itself for two days,” the expert says.

The task of the modern presenter is to create the most pleasant atmosphere, and not to put guests in an uncomfortable position with competitions

A trip to the registry office is essentially a formality. It is quite possible to come there on a weekday even in jeans, invite only parents, and then walk together in the park or sit in a restaurant. For the rest of the guests, organize a beautiful exit ceremony before the wedding dinner with romantic vows, favorite music and ring exchange.

7. Make a photo shoot in the city center and ride decorated cars

Who thought it was fun for guests to ride around all the tourist spots in the city? And what is the meaning of your photo on the background of the monument to Pushkin? A photo session of the bride and groom (without friends and strangers) is best done not against the backdrop of local attractions, but in a park or studio.

As a result, abandoning these two supposedly mandatory points, you will save time and effort. It will not be necessary to invite a stylist and makeup artist by six in the morning and plan complex movements in traffic jams.

8. Take a limo

According to Olga Meldzikhova, this is the worst car for a wedding – uncomfortable and non-maneuverable. It is impossible to turn around in a limousine, drive into a courtyard or a narrow lane, or go round a traffic jam. Not to mention the fact that inside the limousine can look completely unromantic: leopard upholstery or a battered saloon that has seen a lot.

It is much more reasonable to order a retro car or a good executive car. And for guests, if they need a transfer to a country restaurant or to the place of exit registration, there are mini-buses.

9. Invite a host to host

The difference is not only in the name. The task of the modern presenter is to create the most pleasant atmosphere, and not to put guests in an uncomfortable position with contests. Another good leader makes sure that everyone can congratulate the newlyweds and at the same time the wedding dinner does not turn into an endless series of toasts.

10. Collect money from guests

Abduction of a bride, fortune-telling on a boy and a girl, auction for the sale of the first piece of cake – today “wedding requisitions” are inappropriate. After all, guests have already spent money on a gift or put a certain amount in an envelope. And they did not count on additional spending.

11. Order too much different alcohol

Champagne, red and white wine, two types of strong alcohol – this set should be limited to a wedding dinner. Before him – only champagne and soft drinks. Do not try to get guests at the check-out. Otherwise, the wedding may get out of hand.

16 mistakes that can ruin any wedding

12. Choose uncomfortable clothes and shoes

A dress with a narrow corset, the most magnificent skirt and a five-meter train looks spectacular in the photo. But think, are you ready to spend the whole day in it? If from the age of five you dreamed of just such a thing, plan a shift – simpler and more convenient for dancing at the end of the evening.

A spare pair of shoes without heels is also a must, even if you are confidently balancing on stiletto heels. In addition, you need to make sure that your outfit will be in harmony with the suit of the groom. And you should not save on a stylist and makeup artist in the hope that the photographer will then correct their flaws using Photoshop.

13. Forcing guests to follow a specific dress code

“It’s beautiful when all the guests are dressed in the style of the holiday,” Olga said. – However, do not impose too strict a framework and require their observance. It will be a shame that someone did not come due to the lack of a suitable outfit. ” Just politely invite the guests in an invitation to support the theme of the event: “We will be glad if you dress in the spirit of the 1950s, as our wedding is inspired by the film“ Dandies ”.

14. Save on organizer and contractors

There is a misconception that a wedding organizer can only be allowed with a very large budget. But this is not so. A good organizer will help you save money (tell you where it is cheaper to order flowers, cake, etc.), avoid mistakes and related expenses, and assemble a team of professionals. You will save your nerves and get the most out of the holiday. Especially if you start to prepare in advance – ideally in 3-6 months. And since you hired a professional, trust him and follow the advice. This is your first or second wedding, he already has one hundredth.

No need to pose all the time. Natural emotions – what you want to see in photographs after a dozen years

If you still started preparing yourself, hire a wedding coordinator at least for the day of the celebration. He will relieve you of all the worries and troubles associated with meeting and accommodating guests, bringing in decor, alcohol and preparing a banquet.

15. Refuse professional photo or video shooting

Of course, technology has stepped forward, but it will be a shame if, after an excellent event, you have a dozen different quality pictures on your phone. Now it doesn’t seem so important, but believe me, in 10-15 years it will be interesting for you and your children to watch a colorful film about this special day. And do not try to pose all the time. Natural emotions are what you want to see in photographs after a dozen years.

16. In any incomprehensible situation, shout “Bitter!”

The last tip is for guests. Many believe that any pause at a wedding should be filled with this cry and kisses of the newlyweds. However, not all couples like to kiss in public. So just enjoy a pleasant evening in good company.

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