Clip “There are more seasons”: Gauvain Sers wonders about the climate in a Paris dry (mdj)

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On the occasion of the reissue of his album “Les oubliés”, Gauvain Sers unveils a committed single. On “There are more seasons”, the singer warns about the climatic state of the planet and shares a clip where he crosses a desert Paris. Look !

Gauvain Sers wonders about the climate in a Paris

Revealed with “Provided” and a platinum-certified first album, Gauvain Sers has fiber fiber engaged on his second album. With “les oubliés” and his title track , the singer evoked the fate of forgotten and neglected campaigns of the state. A song that found an echo with social news, since at the time of the release of his record, the movement of yellow vests was in full swing. Since then, Renaud’s protégé has signed a new success with this record, number one in sales and sold more than 60,000 copies. To make its success last until the end of the year, “Les oubliés”reissue . This second version of the disc thus includes four unreleased “Y has more seasons”, new single offered to radios since the fall.

“The sky is black on the horizon”

Once again, it is a Gwaine Sers with the conscious pen that we find through a text that evokes the climatic dangers, more than ever at the center of the news with the speeches of Greta Thunberg and the recent fires of the Amazon forest. On a rather playful melody, the singer draws up the balance sheet of a world in agony, also neglected and of which no one really took care. ” While guys in suits guarantee us that everything is fine / One wonders if it is too late and what can be done on a daily basis (…) It is necessary to look at the infos / the dramas, the hurricanes out / Fires are optional / Y has more seasons / My grandmother was right / There are more seasons / The sky is black on the horizonGauvain Sers laments, wondering which planet will we leave to our children: ” What will it be in a hundred years? / Will the Earth be able to turn / When their autumns will be our spring / When their winters will be our summers / And to future generations / Will we ask for forgiveness? “.

Words of great significance that come with a pocket showing a dry land cracking for lack of water. A will that is also found in the clip. Playing an ice cream seller, Gauvain Sers crosses a dry Paris where each inhabitant is in search of the least drop of water. It seems the only glimmer of hope in this uchronic city, thanks to its distribution of refreshing ice cream balls.

Watch the video for “Y a plus de saisons” by Gauvain Sers:

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