Jenifer: her concert interrupted because of a fight, she intervenes (VIDEO)

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Incident at a Jenifer concert. While she was performing Saturday night in Louvres, the singer had to interrupt her show and intervene to calm tensions after the outbreak of a fight between two spectators.

Jenifer her concert interrupted because of a fight

Jenifer is preparing to close her tour on December 15th with her ” flamboyant and electric ” show in the magnificent Salle Pleyel in Paris. The opportunity for her fans to hear live unpublished pieces that will garnish the reissue of her album “Nouvelle page” , expected November 22. ” It is the extension of the personal side that I wanted to give to this new page ” attests the interpreter of “We forget the rest” withKylie Minogue in an interview to be released soon on Pure Charts . The singer, on her way to the platinum record, explains an ” extremely joyous ” look at this adventure that has brought her soul to life after two years marked by dramas . ” This is the record I hoped to have: very positive, full of joy, lots of meetings. This new page allowed me to make a wonderful tour in many different rooms, small rooms, theaters, festivals, Zenith. I am extremely happy with the welcome that the public has given me “confides the star, fulfilled in her professional life as personal after her marriage with her companion .

“It’s not going to happen like this”

Cherry on the cake ? Jenifer celebrated her 37th birthday on stage this Sunday night in Paris against a crowd of admirers, during a concert setlist custom that has somewhat erased the bad memory left by the show given the previous day in Louvres, in the Val d’Oise. As she was having a good time with her fans, Jenifer suddenly had to stop the show as she saw several people coming to the forefront. The fight was caused by a conflict between sitting spectators and others standing according to witnesses present on site. Stupefied, Jenifer intervened herself to play the gendarmes as seen in a video relayed on social networks.

” Wait, we’re going to calm down for two seconds, ” we hear him throwing while loud voices sound, raising the tone to calm the spirits: ” It’s not going to happen like that. At all. One like the other. The base is respect. We will respect everyone . ” It’s the first time this has happened in my 18-year career, ” she adds, shocked but mostly disappointed for other spectators impacted by the incident: ” It’s crazy. I’m sorry for everyone . ” According to the user who found himself involved in the conflict, the people behind this altercation would have left the scene during the concert.

Shocked from tonight’s concert … Jen tells us that we can stand up … Three old men groan and I want to tell them not to get upset and I get mugged (he catches my neck … I still hurt) … Hallucinating … @JeniferOfficiel was too bad, sad and that makes me feel bad

– Steeve (@steeveofficiel) November 16, 2019

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