Clip “So Waltz Life”: Black M drops the mask

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Black M drops the mask

The return of Black M does not go exactly as planned. Despite a five-star cast bringing together Bigflo and Oli, Heuss the Enfoiré, Koba LaD or Soolking, his third album “Once upon a time … ” struggles to meet public acceptance. Came third in the Top Albums in September, the album has still not reached the milestone of 20,000 physical and digital sales where “Eyes bigger than the world” (2014) and “Eternal dissatisfied” (2016) s ‘were sold at 900,000 and 300,000 copies respectively. A disappointment all the more marked as the former member of theSexion D’Assaut did not skimp on the means to promote his new songs: three clips were put in a box to accompany the singles “Bon” , “My brother-in-law” and “In my delirium” . ” There is a certain fall that makes you wonder. True music is going very fast, “the rapper commented earlier in an interview with Pure Charts , aware that everything could stop overnight. And that’s exactly what he tells in his new single “So Waltz Life”.

“I was a father, a husband, a beloved man”

In this fourth excerpt with the most dramatic tone, Black M puts himself in the shoes of a man who has known glory and now lives on the street. ” You know, before, me, I was rich, huh / I was powerful, I shone / I do not shout, I explain / You better listen to me / You can find yourself in the zenith and on the sidewalk the day after, “he says in the mouth of this character fallen into disgrace, before a symphonic refrain where the phrase” So waltz life “is repeated by a chorus. In the clip, two young children marvel at a toy showcase when they fall on this beggar sleeping on the snow. Black M then remembers his life of yesteryear, where he was a conductor and worked in the most beautiful operas. “Life gave me what is priceless, but I spit on it so she took it from me again “he sings, his face half masked, while he plunges us with emotion into memories of his past. At the very end of the video, the artist recalls alarming figures: in France, in 2019, some 150,000 people live without shelter.

Check out “So Waltz Life”, the new Black M clip:

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