After “Nouvelle Star”, YADAM tells his story in a first clip touching

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After “Nouvelle Star”, YADAM tells his story in a first clip touching
In 2017, YADAM was a sensation in “Nouvelle Star”. Today, the young singer launches with a first single “Yadam”, which tells with emotion his journey like no other. Pure Charts makes you discover its clip in preview!

YADAM tells his story

Remember! In November 2017, M6 relaunched “Nouvelle Star” on its antenna with Shy’m at the animation. In the jury, Benjamin Biolay , Dany Synth, Pirate’s Heart and Nathalie Noennec have crisscrossed France in search of new talents. If Xavier was crowned winner to everyone’s surprise, Yadam moved viewers as jurors throughout the adventure. As soon as he was auditioned, the young man from Venezuela made Heart of Pirate cry by interpreting his title “Screaming all the way down”, before touching us in the heart by repeating “If you were there”of Louane, “I’m Not the Only One” by Sam Smith or “U-Turn (Lili)” by Aaron. Arrived in the final, Yadam continued his journey despite disappointments .

“I left my story”

” After” New Star “, many record companies wanted to work with me. I was promised a lot of things and they left me out. It hurt me a lot, “he explained, before launching a jackpot on the KissKissBankBank crowdfunding site with the dream of making his first EP. Good news: the autobiographical project called “SAFEPLACE” will be released in early 2020! And YADAM is now launching with a single in French that bears his name, as if to present himself again to the general public. ” PANAME, tonight I’m coming to see you / I’ve left all my story / All left, I have nothing left to lose / Here maybe someone will help meHe sings with emotion on this touching title, written by David Assaraf (Sylvie Vartan, -M-), who tells his story, he who left Venezuela to seek refuge in France.

In her clip, directed by Diane Moyssan and Pure Charts offers a preview, YADAM evokes his fate and multiplies the winks to his own life. The first person on the screen is the woman who picked her up when she arrived in Paris two years ago, while the two back-to-back binoculars represent her relationship with her twin brother. A video that accompanies YADAM’s approach of ” carrying a message of perseverance, hope, tolerance, courage and gratitude “. Nice road to him!

Watch “Yadam”, the video of YADAM on Youtube:

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