Important Rules For Clothing Success

June 7, 2020 By:

In fact, clothing for success means more than it might seem.

So, here are the important rules that must be followed in clothing if you want to succeed.

Remember the principle of conformity and conformity

Every industry has its own dress code. Alla Weber, vice president of Mercury and fashion director of TSUM, can wear prints, velvet, diamonds.

She is the ambassador of the fashion industry. Marissa Ann Mayer – Former President and CEO of Yahoo! – wears knitwear and turtlenecks, because that’s how everyone dresses in the IT field.

But if you are building a political career or want to succeed in the financial world, you need to look very different.

You just have to match the position you occupy, the role you play, and the industry you represent. Then everything will fall into place.

Be careful with designer things

Firstly, their price is easy to find out, and this is not always at your fingertips.

Secondly, too trendy things are inappropriate in the business environment. Keep an eye on the moment and never be too fashionable.

An intricate fuchsia dress at a reception at the White House is a bust. While a suit with a fashionable wide belt speaks of discipline, chic and accuracy.

Create your own style or contact a talented stylist

How can one not recall the Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and his bright socks? This is incredibly witty! Even at important summits, he wears funny socks with prints, inscriptions, cartoon characters, etc.

Apparently, this young handsome man was tired of suits with ties and thought: “Well, at least something I can stand out?” It turned out that such a tiny detail can attract an incredible amount of people’s attention and love.

Keep an eye on your hair and makeup, especially in formal environments

A simple example: remember Boris Yeltsin and his impeccable gray hair and look at Donald Trump, with whom his hairstyle of an absurd shade has repeatedly played a cruel joke. Hair, makeup and accessories are no less important than a suit.

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