My Ways of Dealing With Inability to Exert Pressure

June 7, 2020 By:

Want to Know How to deal with inability to exert pressure? Here are some tips we have carefully prepared for you today.

  • Treat communication as a challenge
  • Carefully choose the words
  • Remember that it doesn’t matter

This sounds strange right?, Dont worry, just keep reading. We will make you understand.

Treat communication as a challenge

A useful exercise in chronic submission is dissent. Usually I automatically agree with the interlocutor, especially if they are strangers.

To combat this habit, I use every opportunity to communicate with strangers to exercise in disagreement.

For example, a fellow traveler recently started complaining about service on a plane. Instead of assuming: “Yes, this is terrible,” I suggested the opposite: “Yes, but therefore this flight is so cheap. We get what we pay for. ” The fellow traveler laughed and agreed.

The example seems trifling, but I felt more confident and a little dominant. Probably, from the outside it may seem strange, but for the chronic “man” the slightest expression of disagreement is achievement.

Practice the exercises in disagreement all the time, and you will notice that communication will become much easier.

Carefully choose the words

I constantly use words that elevate the interlocutor and belittle me.

I am one of those who constantly apologize, even if there’s nothing to apologize for. When they thank me, I usually reply: “Of course! No problem! Anything you want! ”

I began to carefully follow the words. Instead of apologizing for nothing, I say thank you. Instead of saying “whatever you want,” I say “please.”

This is a huge breakthrough for me. Try it and you will feel how your self-confidence is growing.

Remember that it doesn’t matter

Another tactic that helped me was to remember that nobody cares about you. Many have the same problem – they are worried and want to please you.

Others are too busy with their problems or do not attach much importance to talking with you. It liberates and makes it possible to be yourself.

No need to be diligent in the implementation of the rules and turn into an unfriendly uncompromising person.

Between these opposites there is room for opportunities.

The main thing is to find a balance between kindness and courtesy and not sacrifice your own dignity and faith in yourself.

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